Friday, March 4, 2016

Sketching the City of Pines Part 1

Balacbac Road
Baguio City,2600
Gilbert Francis Dela Cruz

BALACBAC ROAD, STO. TOMAS PROPER: One cold morning, me and my colleague decided to go out and find a place to eat breakfast after a six hour travel to the City of Pines. It is indeed a very cold morning and it is hard to get up early in bed because of the weather, but we decided to go out , while along the toad, we talked about our excitement because of the new surrounding and places, until we reach this steep part of the road which quickly catches my eyes. So me and Khervin decided to set up a simple sketchwalk after having our breakfast. We immediately go back to the place and start doing our sketches, i choose to sketch this part of place because i had this comfortable feeling And the view is nice , after a couple of minutes we noticed the fog that quickly covered the place we are sketching. We continue to sketch until we were both finished.
Gilbert Francis Dela Cruz while sketching 
during our mini sketchwalk at City of Pines.

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