Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sketswok Iddiay Siyudad iti Baguio (Sketchwalk at Baguio City) Part 2

Sketches in Sunshine Park
Baguio City
by David Brianne Ace Maalihan

At first I'm thinking "Bakit mo kailangan madaliin yung paggawa ng art?" (Why do you have to be quick in making art?) but as soon as I got to experience it, it changed my perspective looking at Urban Sketchers, for that brief amount of time kasi, you capture the moment, the happenings, the essence of the scenery. 
Yung hindi yung ganda yung dinadrawing mo, kundi yung kung ano yung totoong nangyayari.
David Maalihan is a graduating student of University of the Philippines Baguio (CAC) and he is one of the participants for USk Ilocos' First Campus Sketchwalk held last March at the UP Baguio.
These were few of his sketches during the one day sketching activity.

View on outside the Governor Pack Rd. Overpass
Baguio City

"By capturing the essence of the place you need to in-vibe the scenery. 
If its chaotic or peaceful it should show on your drawing"

Quick sketch of Baguio Cathedral
Beside the Sky Zone
Baguio City

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