Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Inside Paoay Ruins

Inside Paoay Ruins
Watercolor 2016

Paoay will always be on the list of my most visited place for my sketches here in Ilocos Norte. been visiting the place for a couple of times but yesterday marks my first time to step inside the Paoay Ruins, which is a usual venue of their Tumba Festival during November.

Few snaps after sketching inside the classic, now refurbished Paoay Ruins.
As per the tour guide, the places was an old convent during the Spanish time.
More info here:

Before leaving, here's a special view outside the historical ruins which is located beside the San Agustin Church at Paoay. A must visit place when you go here in the North. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Takip Silim (Twilight)

    "View Outside The Studio"
Pen and Ink, 2016

First of all, I would say I was too slack in updating our group blog for the past few months and it's been ages since I was able to post my previous sketches. Moving on, sharing a sketch I have made a year ago, here's a view outside my studio while I am at home here in Laoag. The setting is already in twilight, as it is already 6 PM. I'll be probably doing more sketches like these.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2015 Robinsons Mall Center Piece Display

2015 Robinsons Mall Ilocos Christmas lights and display installed on the atrium (main mall) during our mall sketchwalk.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tuguegarao Sakbay Cagayan (An Unexpected Visit at Tuguegarao City)

it was about 8am when I sketched these series of commercial spaces along the highway near the terminal of PUVs going to Flora, Aparri & Ballesteros etc at Tanza, Tuguegarao City. despite the unexpected miscommunications, im still happy to be able to see and sketch a small portion of Tuguegarao on a twilight scene.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sketswok Iddiay Siyudad iti Baguio (Sketchwalk at Baguio City) Part 2

Sketches in Sunshine Park
Baguio City
by David Brianne Ace Maalihan

At first I'm thinking "Bakit mo kailangan madaliin yung paggawa ng art?" (Why do you have to be quick in making art?) but as soon as I got to experience it, it changed my perspective looking at Urban Sketchers, for that brief amount of time kasi, you capture the moment, the happenings, the essence of the scenery. 
Yung hindi yung ganda yung dinadrawing mo, kundi yung kung ano yung totoong nangyayari.
David Maalihan is a graduating student of University of the Philippines Baguio (CAC) and he is one of the participants for USk Ilocos' First Campus Sketchwalk held last March at the UP Baguio.
These were few of his sketches during the one day sketching activity.

View on outside the Governor Pack Rd. Overpass
Baguio City

"By capturing the essence of the place you need to in-vibe the scenery. 
If its chaotic or peaceful it should show on your drawing"

Quick sketch of Baguio Cathedral
Beside the Sky Zone
Baguio City

Friday, March 18, 2016

Daan A Plaza Iti San Nicolas (The Old Plaza of San Nicolas)

by Marvin Xavier Vea

Itay napalabas nga bigat, kalpasan tay kakaisuna nga klasek nga 8-9 ket gagangay nga awan klasekon ken nawayway nga oras a maka drawingak, nakapanunutak nga inkam i iskets garud tay malablabsak nu mapank agbasa MMSU Batac agapu LAOAG, tay napintas nga SAN NICOLAS OLD PLAZA . Nakitak tay statwa ni RIZAL idiay nga nagbalin a subjektok tay iskets ko ket kabayatan na detoy a nkapanunutak , Inawis ko met dgitay padak nga Urban Sketchers ILOCOS.


After my 8-9 class this morning, and since its obviously my free time to draw, I thought of joining our simple sketchwalk to a place I usually pass by going home from school, none other than thebeautiful San Nicolas Old Plaza located along the National Road. The Rizal Statue was my chosen subject during our activity. I invited my fellow sketchers of USk Ilocos to join us in our activity.

Marvin Vea during our mini sketchwalk
held at San Nicolas Old Park

Kabayatan na tay inwayat mi nga sangkabatit nga actibidades. nag iskets met dgitay kakadwak nga ni KHERVIN GALLANDEZ, baro nga kakadwa mi, JOANN PEDRO KEN NI JANICE PUOD, Napilik kas subject tay ubra maestrok nga iskets ket tay istatua ni Rizal jay plasa ti san nicolas kase kaaduan nga ili pay ket haan nga mapukaw nga ada lata istatua na kada tunggal plasa iti ili ken napintas gamin iddiay nakaiplastaran na ken langa na isu nga mayat nga idrawing kadetuy sketspad ko nga baro ken nalapad. Intul-tuloy mi nag-ubra bayat t pudot iti tyiempo na ingana nalpas mi.


(We started the small sketch activity and my fellow sketchers also came to participate, Khervin John Gallandez, and new members Joann Pedro, and Janice Puod. I have chosen the statue of Rizal because the location of the statue fits perfectly to the place. It was also a good subject for my new and wide sketchpad. Despite the scorching heat, we continued our activity until we eventually finished our artworks.)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sketching the City of Pines Part 1

Balacbac Road
Baguio City,2600
Gilbert Francis Dela Cruz

BALACBAC ROAD, STO. TOMAS PROPER: One cold morning, me and my colleague decided to go out and find a place to eat breakfast after a six hour travel to the City of Pines. It is indeed a very cold morning and it is hard to get up early in bed because of the weather, but we decided to go out , while along the toad, we talked about our excitement because of the new surrounding and places, until we reach this steep part of the road which quickly catches my eyes. So me and Khervin decided to set up a simple sketchwalk after having our breakfast. We immediately go back to the place and start doing our sketches, i choose to sketch this part of place because i had this comfortable feeling And the view is nice , after a couple of minutes we noticed the fog that quickly covered the place we are sketching. We continue to sketch until we were both finished.
Gilbert Francis Dela Cruz while sketching 
during our mini sketchwalk at City of Pines.